Beautiful Objects in the Sky

I want to share my first photos of the sun and moon (my first photos where you can actually tell which is which, that is).

I’m going to see the eclipse on August 21st and I’ve been practicing with my camera so I will be prepared when the time comes. It’s a good thing I’m doing so. Here is my first photo of the sun.

DSC_0007    I’m sure you all know this but never look directly at the sun without appropriate solar filters. I have a solar filter and I tried to attach my camera to the telescope without much luck!

Here is my first sun photo using my camera. Much better but a little dull.


Here is the setup I used with my camera

20170731_143745.jpg 20170731_143801

The funky looking circle on the lens is a homemade solar filter made with a special solar film. I made some for my binoculars as well.


Now for moon photos,


After several hours fussing and fiddling, (okay, it actually took a few days to get it right):DSC_0033.JPG   hmm.

Wahoo! I did it.




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