I’m sitting on my deck eating my lunch and listening to the chickens clucking and muttering to each other. It’s a peaceful sound.

One of the chickens has escaped. As I’m sure you all know chickens are quite the escape artists. I think they plan it together.

“You going over? Me, I prefer going under.”

If the fence isn’t buried they will find a place to scratch and push their way through. They are also, somewhat surprisingly, birds. As such they can fly. These fly like I do in my nightmares. They half climb, half flap, their way up the fence until they can teeter on the top and flop over the other side. It isn’t graceful, but it gets them outside and into the garden.

If it isn’t cats in the carrots, it’s chickens in the cukes!

DSC_0054.JPG   DSC_0070

I had bird netting over the top for a while, but its the same as the bottom of the fence. If the netting isn’t firmly attached everywhere they will find their way through. The real problem is that they gleefully leap back into the pen at night bringing the bird netting down with them. I decided it was easier to leave them out.

The cats are no help at all.


So now it’s me and the chickens, hanging out on the deck.


Maybe tomorrow I’ll fix their fence. Or not.


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