Fun Games with Electricity

Sometimes what to us seems essential was at first thought of as dangerous, inconsequential, irrelevant, or silly. That was the case with electricity.

Before the 1600’s most of what was known in the West about electricity came from experiences with static electricity, electric eels and other shocking animals. As time went on continued study led to more control of this strange phenomena.

Screenshot 2017-05-31 16.49.03.jpg

This led to bizarre parlor games, such as a group of individuals holding hands then being electrified while the onlookers watched them react. Sometimes the shock came from a bucket of electric eels. Later, electric generators were used.  At times the shock would be enough to cause nosebleeds or convulsions. Fun times for all!

Today we in the West find it hard to imagine living without electricity, something I’ve been thinking about as Puerto Rico continues to struggle to repair it’s power grid. We have gone from parlor games to dependence in a few hundred years. I wonder what those who stood in the circle waiting for the shock would think of where we are now.

Hang in there Puerto Rico. Our thoughts are with you.


Thanks for reading,

October 27, 2017




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