First frosty morning

It’s finally feeling like fall here in Vermont. We had a hard frost with beautiful results last night. When I woke everything was brittle with cold. A heavy layer of frost rimed the branches of trees and the wires of my chicken fencing.





When I knocked off the rime I almost expected to hear glass breaking. Later after the sun came out I watched as the ice melted, sparkling and glistening as it reflected light.


This is an indication that it’s time to settle in for the winter. I’ll bring in firewood, move the chicken tractor closer to the house. We’ll pull out heavy blankets and mittens, the pace of our evenings will slow. I’ll still be out until the sun sets, but that is now 4:30 not 9:00. Instead of gardening and mowing, I’ll spend time cooking and reading by the wood stove.

The dogs disagree. They love the cold and frolic in the frosty grass, tumbling over each other in their eagerness. The pups were covered with frost by the time we returned from our walk. Their coats are so long the cold can’t reach them and the frost bothers them not a whit.


Truth be told, it doesn’t bother me either.

Happy late fall everyone.



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